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While driving a smaller consumer car may be the right decision for you and your family, driving an SUV is the popular auto choice for millions of Americans

SUV Power

If you live in a challenging climate or simply live in an area where you must occasionally overcome poor road conditions, then driving an SUV instead of a smaller car might be a good idea. Because of their size, SUVs are powerful vehicles with much more horsepower than smaller cars, and their bigger tires and shock absorbers allow them to better handle rugged terrain.

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SUV Space

The interior space within an SUV is one of the reasons why SUVs have such an enduring popularity. Featuring fold-down seats, a large trunk, and extra storage compartments, SUVs are the perfect vehicles for the family shuttling between football and soccer practices. However, SUVs have many practical business purposes, as well.

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SUV Safety

Because of the large and boxy frame of the SUV, many people believe that they come with safety issues. While many older SUVs did experience problems with rollovers, they did not occur as commonly as reported and the safety issues have been mostly stamped out from modern SUVs. Instead, these large cars have become the standard in safe and luxurious driving.

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